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King Kazma
Marisol. 22. cis heterosexual female POC. I like ice cream and dragons and art. I blog a lot of multifandom stuff, namely Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, ATLA and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And a bunch of other bullshit too. If you need me to tag anything or just wanna talk, hit up my inbox! I sometimes post about my depression with the tag #depression blogging.


So I was really glad I kept running into Adam  because he’s really fun and awesome even though I am a huge awful dumb mess and I talk way too much. He did some really cool panels with his mom; Eric and I dropped in on one about women who traveled extensively outside of Britain and it was really interesting. They were quite the characters!

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    Mari, you and adam look like such cuties.
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    Marisoooool. It looks like you both had an awesome time X)!
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    aaahhhhh my friends are too adorable
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    Ahhhh Marisol, it was awesome seeing you!! Each time I ran into you was super fun! ♥ All your outfits were really great...
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    WOW HOW DO I HAVE SUCH CUTIES FOR FRIENDS oh ym god guys you are both so precious i am freaking outr marisol you are...
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    Kat and I are spazzing over skype about how dapper and adorable you both look, jfc, asdfjas help me. ; A;
  8. jalules said: Gosh so much cute going on in two pictures, it’s out of control.
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