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Marisol. 22. cis heterosexual female POC. I like ice cream and dragons and art. I blog a lot of multifandom stuff, namely Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, ATLA and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And a bunch of other bullshit too. If you need me to tag anything or just wanna talk, hit up my inbox! I sometimes post about my depression with the tag #depression blogging.

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Disney Princesses + platonic kisses

A gentle reminder that a kiss can mean many things. A kiss can be a symbol of good luck, good faith, or just to show your compassion for another. I think this is one of my favorite photo sets of some Disney ladies in a long time.

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Do you think Disney should allow POC to start playing white face characters? Because they already allow the other way around so I don't understand why they don't do that.







Yes and I have personal beef with that. 

My boyfriend, who is a POC, told me this story a couple days ago. He was told by one of his friends that he should play Gaston (he’s actually told this frequently). He told his friend “But I’m too dark to play Gaston.”  His friend (who is also a POC) said to him “But when I watch Pocahontas that girl is darker than me but when I meet her in the parks she’s white as a sheet, so why couldn’t you play Gaston?” And my boyfriend turned to me and said “Why is that? Why do they let white girls play non-white princesses but not the other way around?”

And it broke my heart a little bit, especially when he kept saying that he’s ‘too tan to play Gaston’. He’s very handsome and has a gorgeous smile and with his personality could play the part well but because of his skin color would probably get rejected by entertainment. And he’s always told by his friends to go out for face character but would probably be limited to basically Aladdin. :/ So these are the kind of problems casting white people as POC causes. :/

I think it’s important to remember that when they do get slightly whiter people to portray the POC face characters, they do put an ample amount of make up on them to help make them look darker. The truth is…….it’s easier to make someone look darker than it is to make a dark person look whiter. That’s just the way it is. And if they look like the character, then that’s all the casting director needs. He should still audition and hope for being ‘friends with’ Aladdin! Nothing too bad about that. He should just continue auditioning until he gets fit for someone. -Ps. He is probably not even that dark and may get to be “friends with” Gaston, so you never really know since I don’t know what he looks like.

Being a face character is more than just skin color by the way. There’s height, facial features, body built, your eyes,nose, mouth, face shape, and everything else. Tell him to go. It’s worth a shot

"The truth is…….it’s easier to make someone look darker than it is to make a dark person look whiter. That’s just the way it is.”

Damn I’ll just go tell my boyfriend that then! Because we can only darken light people, there’s no such thing as lightening make-up in the entire arsenal of make-up products. And I’ll remind him that it’s totally normal and easy and not racist to tan yourself to imitate a POC because that’s just the way it is!

He is probably not even that dark and may get to be “friends with” Gaston” Hear that! My dark boyfriend can only be friends with Gaston only if he’s not /that/ dark. Rejoice!

I don’t usually post this kind of racist, ignorant crap on the main blog but since the original post WAS from the main blog and it’s about my boyfriend you can say I’m pretty mad. 

The ACTUAL truth is that all parks and DCLs aim to cast people who can play as many roles as possible. This is why there are lighter friends of Tiana who are sometimes seen with Jasmine. Almost none of the new friends of Merida actually looked like movie Merida because the size requirements were purposefully set to match Rapunzel, Ariel, with the crossover possibility of Snow. Friends of Tink and Alice are getting taller to match with the shorter princesses and Aurora was shortened several inches a few years ago very suddenly. Naveen and Aladdin are always interchangeable and Pocahontas’ friends are Belle with a shit ton of make up. The terrible truth is not that it’s easier to darken skin than it is to lighten (wow ew) but that casting has made the very conscious decision that they needed to hire as many white “versatile” people as possible with the very rare exceptions like Mulan. There are literally so few characters in the park who aren’t white that Disney treats it as a hassle for their payroll to hire actual POC to play face characters appropriately. And yet the POC they do have don’t get to be used flexibly like white performers do… What kind of bullshit is this? Major. Major bullshit.

I don’t even understand the logic behind caring whether characters have a skin tone that’s a little off from the original. Like I’m pretty sure kids realize that these characters are somehow going from animated to real life, and there are some corresponding differences much more mind boggling than “Gaston’s skin is a little more brown today.” Kids are pretty flexible in what they will see as acceptable…. it’s adults who tend to throw the hissy fits about “omg this character isn’t traditionally Latino though”

^ You see the same issue crop up with POC mall Santas. Kids don’t have a problem with it, they’re just happy to see motherfuckin Santa Claus. Maybe they’ll ask “why is Santa black?”, since, y’know, the common image of Santa is a roly poly white dude. It’s adults that get uncomfortable trying to explain racial and ethnic diversity



“But if you forget to reblog Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”


not even risking that shit

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this broke my heart

Disney’s Big Hero 6 | November 07, 2014 (x)

Sleeping Beauty (1959) vs Maleficent (2014)


Makeup test all done! I’m ready to make new Midwest friends at Colossalcon! Cant wait to meet all of you!


Ship-shape it is, sir, but I’m not the captain. The captain’s aloft.


Amazing shot of my Elsa costume by Kacie Doran!
Costume made and modeled by SunsetDragon


Amazing shot of my Elsa costume by Kacie Doran!

Costume made and modeled by SunsetDragon



she truly was ahead of her years.

My queen