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King Kazma
Marisol. 22. cis heterosexual female POC. I like ice cream and dragons and art. I blog a lot of multifandom stuff, namely Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, ATLA and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And a bunch of other bullshit too. If you need me to tag anything or just wanna talk, hit up my inbox! I sometimes post about my depression with the tag #depression blogging.



Here’s @Neilhimself and @Amandapalmer learning to tango, two years ago today. I got a call from @Raingraves asking me to “help with a private tango lesson”, got to her place & learned it was them. We had no clue we were teaching them their Wedding Dance!

Happy Anniversary!


Katelan Foisy is making her own deck of Tarot Cards and using her friends in the images and I’m obsessed. 

Amanda Palmer as The Tower is pretty genius. 

She looks like a total boss in that picture. 


Right now I miss the shit out of her. I will not see her for another 59 days, not that I’m counting or anything. But she has an album to make, and I have stuff to write.

Also, my favourite of the photos is the one of me holding up my Craig Ferguson show $50.

I wonder if my hair will look like that when it grows back.

And I am on Tumblr because I will have a favour to ask VERY SOON of anyone in Melbourne (the one in Australia). So if you’re in Melbourne, expect a Tumblr post asking for a favour, today or tomorrow…

gosh this is too cute.

Because the Origami - 8in8 from Ben Jacobson on Vimeo.


Another 8in8 Video, this one for “Because The Origami”. Title from the internet, first couple of lines by Ben Folds, most of the rest of the words by me, music by Ben, Damian and Amanda, Ben and Amanda singing. (Video made by Ben Jacobson. I love it.)

The 6 8in8 songs stream and are downloadable at

Good songs.